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Did you know that Indonesia has a large and active social media user base, with approximately 160 million active social media users as of 2021, making it one of the biggest social media markets in the world. Indonesians use social media for a wide range of purposes, including socializing, entertainment, news consumption, and online shopping! With numbers like these, it's clear that social media has become an essential component of any business's marketing strategy. By utilizing our services, you can tap into this massive audience and maximize your online reach.

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Social media strategy

Our services can help your businesses to increase visibility and reach, build a strong online community, drive engagement and conversions...


Multimedia & TVC Production

The process of creating and producing Video Company Profile & TVC for a wide range of media platforms, including television, social media, and online video platforms...


Event & Product Activation

Effective ways to create buzz around your product/brand, increase customer engagement, experience in a unique and memorable way, build brand loyalty and drive sales...


Crisis Communication

Effective and transparent communication is crucial to ensure that the right information reaches the right people in a timely manner, reduce confusion, minimize damage, preserve the reputation and trust...


Creative Brand
& Strategy

the process of developing a unique and compelling brand identity and marketing plan that sets a business apart from its competitors, build a strong reputation and resonates with its target audience...


Press Release & Media Publication

Public relations, marketing strategy, generate awareness, interest in a product, service, or event, and can be a powerful way to reach a wide audience, build credibility and reputation...


Web & Mobile Development

Both web development and mobile development are crucial for businesses and organizations, as they help to establish a strong online presence and provide users with access to information and services on the go...


Business Training & Consulting

Play a vital role in helping businesses and organizations succeed by providing with the guidance and expertise need to effectively reach target audience and achieve your marketing goals...


Go-Digital Training & consulting

We helps organizations transition from traditional ways of operating to digital methods, take advantage of digital technologies to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase competitiveness...

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Pixartistic offers a wide range of services including social media strategy development, content creation and curation, paid advertising and promotion, analytics and reporting, influencer marketing, and social media listening, including offline event.

We measure the success of our campaigns by tracking key metrics such as website traffic, engagement, and conversions. We also provide regular reports to our clients to help them understand the impact of their social media efforts and make data-driven decisions.

We work closely with our clients to understand their unique business goals and create a customized approach to meet them. This includes setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals and regularly reviewing progress towards them.

We have a process in place for monitoring and responding to negative comments or reviews on our clients' social media channels. This includes identifying the root cause of the negative feedback and taking appropriate action to address it. We also work with our clients to develop a plan for preventing similar issues in the future.

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